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Find similar flipped and rotated pictures on your Computer!

Hide the Mouse Pointer on all Windows Desktop and Server OS!

BitBlt Paint Speed Test for GPU on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Stop Watch also known as chronograph, from ancient greek language! 

Over 1000 snowflakes on the Windows desktop with low CPU load!

See more of your Wallpaper on the Windows Desktop and Server OS!

Change timestamps of folders and files quickly and effectively!

Using keyboard shortcuts to insert texts and start commands can be so easy!

Simple Tunnel3dOK OpenGL!

Prevent Shutdown, Standby, Hibernate, Turn Off, Restart on MS Windows OS!

Create real and digital door notes that are easy to recognize!

The alternative test page printout for all MS Windows operating systems!

Activate or Turn-Off folder printout from auto startup in Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Do not Sleep parameter example!

The right font for every note and every door!

Quad-Explorer Q-Dir Defender Firewall Win-10, problem!

Always On Top option for easier Drag and Drop! 

Why is in Desktop-OK the volume mixer?

Quick Text Paste commands and wildcards (placeholder)!

The category Office on Software OK (make everyday office life easier)!

To convert scanned page to PDF A4, A3, A2, A1 on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Force Windows Time Format in the Desktop Clock!

Can I work with MS OneDrive and other cloud storage?

PowerShell commands directly in the Explorer Address-Bar Start in current directory!

Quad Explorer: Quickly locate the windows working directory!

Lock Your Computer with Mouse!

Windows 10 File Explorer does not remember the selected objects when navigating!

The lost Internet Explorer on Windows 10!

Complete check for Trojans, viruses and ransomware, how to!

The network path was not found on Windows 10!

Download Free Alternatives File Explorer for Windows!

Windows 10 is suddenly black, and the Monitor is O.K, why?

Can I delete the position location tracking history in Windows 10 (feature)?

Prevent USB devices from going into sleep mode?

Enable standard desktop icons under Windows 10!

Understand a user profile under Windows 10, 8.1 and MS server!

Preview fonts installed in Windows 10, how does that work?

Free form Screenshot and edit in MS Paint on Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Find Advanced display Settings on Windows 10 and server!

Single click to execute or open a file!

The regional settings in Microsoft Windows 10!

Use for lock screen own picture on Windows 10 via lock screen settings!

The appdata folder on Windows 10, ...!

The improved Windows Command Prompt and Command Line!

System Requirements Immersive Headset for Windows 10 Mixed Reality, what's it?

OneDrive cannot connect to Windows!

Update Windows 10 to Windows 10 as a repair option!

Windows 10 ISO installation DVD with all updates, download?

Windows system sound!

Export image comparison results from the result list to HTML, XLS, CSV, ..!

Example of Performance Index on Windows 10 Pro all Builds!

Print what you see in Explorer Views on all Windows OS!

Example how to paste a signature to WordPad via key shortcut!

Delete Secure the Files and Shutdown the PC, the explanation!

Was with error code -1073741701 (0xc000007b)!

How can I burn a BIN image file?

Can I add batch-script action to Right Click menu of Explorer Windows (10, 8.1, 7.0)?

Query startup programs via the command line or PowerShell!

Command Line to list / cancel print jobs / Example?

Make Windows command prompt wider, how to?

Quickly insert smileys or emojis in MS Office Word, Excel!

Find, enable, disable, view Outlook Favorites Folder?

Is the Aero Desktop Clock for Android or Linux, Ad Free?

Show folder size and print directory content in MS Windows all OS!

You don't want to say that it's better than Adobe Photoshop?

How do I get Big Insects on my Windows desktop?

Under Windows 10, enable and disable the device search, but how to?

Disable / enable the touch keyboard under Windows 10, example please?

How to find the Language and Region settings in Windows-10?

Change the Windows-10 system protection to undo system changes!

Change Windows Colors in Windows-10, (title bar, border)!

How to create custom desktop background slide show for Windows 10!

Command to open Advanced sharing settings in Windows 10?

Virtual on screen keyboard on Windows 10 Desktop shortcut, how to?

Windows 10 Home or Pro version?

Make Windows-10 Standard User to Guest-Account, how to change rights?

Create desktop shortcut in Windows 10 for a program (pin to Start)?

Windows 10 desktop icons are so big, why, how to change this?

How do i find out what type is my Drive, SSD, or HDD on Windows 10?

How do I benefit from the standby timer under MS Windows OS?

Switch language or translate Windows Standby blocker into my language?

Why is the universe flat, is it flat?

Difference between the functions 'C', 'AC' and 'CE' on the Windows computer?

Reset LG LED TV to factory settings?

Shadows and striped lines on the new graphics card (defective, bug)!

Shredder for Windows Desktop and Server OS!

Easier positioning of documents in the PDF by dragging and dropping!

How to change the Quality of scanned eg. saved PDF-File?

Why is Windows 8.1 x64 bigger than x32 on HD and Greater on DVD?

Disable numeric sorting in MS Explorer (file, folder Windows 10, 8.1) !

How to use the search box in the Windows Explorer file search 8.1 and 10!

Shortcut to Restart Windows 10 / 8.1!

Windows 8.1 / 10 all users desktop location to customize and edit!

Additional Clocks in MS Windows 8.1 and 10 taskbar!

Clear virtual memory pagefile at Windows-8 Shutdown (8.1, 10, seven)!

How to create admin CMD on the Windows 8.1 and 10 desktop?

Run in windows 8.1 / 10 (find, dialog, box, start, open)?

What is Program Files (x86) Folder in Windows 8.1 / 10 64-Bit (x64)?

How to open / run in Windows-8, 10 the 'Shut Down Windows' Dialog Box?

Help, where can i turn off the Windows 8 or 8.1, or shut down the MS Windows OS?

How long does the installation of Windows 8 and 8.1?

Crack the facebook.de password if I forgot the password?

How to use voice search in Google Chrome on Windows?

Register all the fonts without installation, for other Windows programs, how to?

USB Debugging Developer Mode Enable Samsung Galaxy (Android)?

How to create a non-compressible file with your software?

Why at Copy Paste actions show the selection menu on Windows?

HP Laserjet III, 4, 5, Plus, Driver x64, x32, Windows 10, 8.1, 7!

For what snow on the desktop, who needs something like that?

Are the full versions of Software freeware on SoftwareOK?

What is lossless compression?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of exFat in Windows 10, 8.1, 7, ...?

Status bar or prefer none in the Explorer Views on Windows all OS?

How to change font name and size in cells of Explorer View!

On what the permission problem is, I'm Admin?

Start with a favorite, without to register *.qdr?

Occasional problems with "*.qdr" files. The icon is now red not blue!

I"m visually impaired, how do i enlarge the font on my Quad-Explorer?

The difference in file explorer between favorites and Quick links?

Download and test Windows, examples?

Print test pages under Windows, but how?

How can you clean or shrink the winsxs folder? It takes up too much disk space!

x86 and x32, what is what?

Change the Directory in Command Prompt Tab-View!

How can I remove files and folders from the file time list?

What are access times, in IsMyHdOK?

Load and Save windows desktop Icon Layout from file (quick restore)!

I have set it to 'Keep last 4' but it doesn't so autosave the icons!

Keyboard shortcuts to start multiple programs commands (run, runx, runa, runX, runA)!

QuickTextPaste does not save the settings, how can I uninstall it?

For what is the short desktop note for Windows good?

Download free Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 as VHD for Windows 10?

How to disable Task-Bar Thumbnail Preview in Windows 7 (Turn Off/On )?

In Windows 7, specific applications or programs always run as administrator, or start!

How to change what happens when I close the laptop or Windows-7 notebook?

Start directly the Windows-7 Task Manager via keyboard shortcuts?

Where is the Disk Defragmenter in Windows 7?

How big should be the Windows 7 disk partition?

Error message com.google.process.gapps has stopped?

What is a DLL file?

What is a binary number?

What is scrolling?

What is a TAN?

What is a read-only file?

What is reconstruct, reconstruction?

Why are there pimples on the F and J keys?

What is a desktop, with an example?

What is a documents folder?

What is it Printer queue?

Decode, Encode, Decompress, Compress?

Hard disks, Hard drive?

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